Day 22 : Champex – Les Montets 2nd July 2013

Bivouac is not allowed from 10pm to 7am in Champex (only saw the sign when i left…)

The wooden picnic tables by the lake with fireplaces made a great campground tho.

Started walking 7am after visiting Champex Alpine garden and its 4000 flowers.

Camping place also available in Champex. Bovine marked 3h10

A group of trail runners overtake me.

Plan de l’Au 1330m 7:50am.Bovine marked 2h20

9:15am 1927m view of Martigny and Sion vallee

Past Bovine alpage and going down Trient on TMB.

Talked to an Australian couple & Canadian couple on the way down in the forest. Told me that about 100people stayed in Trient last night and i was going to probably meet about 50 of them coming up…

TMB, Chamonix area is surely well known world wide…

Been asked quite a few times by the hikers coming up :”Are you running or walking ?”

Answered “I am flying now” 🙂

Meet the world (USA, Australia, Canada, Korea, Israel, etc..) and also know that people hike here not only TMB but also Chamonix to Zermatt hiking trail.

10:45am Col de la Forclaz 1526m
Trient marked 30mins

11:05am Trient 1279m
Stopped by Trient communal office for a stamp. The woman there confirmed that Trient and TMB was a hiking highway…
Every night at least 100 people stays in Trient.

I understood why i did not get well welcomed earlier on at the Bovine alpage..too many tourists/hikers kills the mountain spirit.

On the way down to Trient there was a nice alpage but 20 people were there.Impossible to make a picture without having someone on it…start to see tissues and other plastics things left behind..

1:25pm Col de Balme 2200m

Leaving Switzerland and Valais.Entering Haute Savoie, back in France.

Great panoramic view on the Mont Blanc vallee.going down by the ski slopes

Col des Posettes 1997m at 2pm

Leaving Col des Posettes 3pm after lunch break.

3:05pm. The Telecabine de Vallorcine is operating.
Interviewed the guy working for the Compagnie du Mont Blanc here at the Balme ski domain.He said that the mountain bike trail was close and also train service was not operating (only bus) so the Telecabine was on for almost noone…

Going down steeply.Telecabine lift as visual guide. Realised that i am off the via alpina.too late to turn is ok to go down Vallorcine…

4pm 1330m Les Parts intersection. Vallorcine village marked 15mins down right. Straight marked Le Buet 40mins

Some work was in progress on the trail and had to go down to Vallorcine. Will pick up food there (grocery store available) and try to start looking for a place to camp/sleep

4:15pm Vallorcine village

I feel inflation in the Mont Blanc vallee. So far the most expensive grocery store on the Via Alpina since Monaco…it is in Vallorcine

Find out that there is a camping place 15mins away from Vallorcine and also gite/refuge Le mermoud (19euros with breakfast)

Going for the hot shower and electricity the electronics i carry needs…

6pm 1339m camping les Montets
7,8euros for hot shower, electricity, water and toilet paper.

Distance covered: 31,7km
Walking time : 7h55
Resting time : 3h35
Altitude : 1339m
Date : Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Today really felt like i entered a different world while on TMB from Champex… Initially planned to cut through directly to Martigny…but followed the via alpina here on TMB…supposed to catched up GR5 soon. Hope the upcoming views of Mont Blanc & surronding peaks will worth the detour…


Champex lake morning view


Champex searching for alpine garden


Champex alpine garden




On the way to Bovine alpage TMB



Martigny and Sion vallee view




Glacier Trient


Col de Balme



Panoramic view Haute Savoie side.coming down from Col de Balme


House in Vallorcine

1 thought on “Day 22 : Champex – Les Montets 2nd July 2013

  1. Ginger

    Thank you for your very inspiring posts, Thierry. My husband and I look forward to our first attempt at hiking some portion of the Via Alpina next summer, and your photos and posts are a very helpful start to our planning. We didn’t know it could get so crowded in portions and are appreciative to learn from your experiences. The mountains are so beautiful. We wish you all the very best along the way! 🙂 Ginger


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