Day 17 : Refuge de la Leisse – Tignes Les Boisses 27th June 2013

Woke up 6am. Cold but sunny this morning (bad weather was expected)

Long flat walk on hard snow just after leaving refuge de la Leisse at 7:40am

Reached Col de la Leisse 9am 2730m. Can see Grande Motte glacier and summer ski area and Tignes Toviere from here (ugly crane on top of mountain to replace Aeroski lift with an ultra modern state of the art cabin skiers lift)

Catching up & following down Tignes ski blue slope Genepy to Val Claret.

Tignes Val Claret home of winter X Games europe 10am 2130m

The chairlift going up to Grande Motte glacier is operating.

Tignes : Capital of summer skiing. Now French ski instructor applicants & future members of the french ski team are training there. The glacier Grande Motte opens every morning

Crazy Tignes as usual. An helicopter is now rotating to bring up concrete to Toviere. This must cost a fortune… The skipass is not going to be cheaper next season…white gold here you are…must be ready before the winter season (whatever it costs)

Arriving at Tignes le lac.Few local men fishing in the lake.

One man stand up, came to me and started talking. Popped out the camera and started filming.

Gaby soon 80years (2015) still an active ESF ski instructor was very talkative in front of the camera. Recorded at least 12min of great stuff he told me about Tignes lake, ski instructions nowadays and other things he wanted to tell. Very interesting and funny meeting Gaby the oldest ski instructor in Tignes 🙂

Few teasing quotes of Gaby’s 12min video

“I can teach anybody to ski in 5 days”

“a young local guy who want to become a ski instructror, it costs the price of an apparment sir and it need to pass 6 exams too. To not get any work in the end because there are only groups of tour operator coming here nowadays. No more private lessons. ”

“in 1972 I gave ski instruction to Giscard d’Estaing ” (former french president in the 70s)

Leaving Tignes le lac 1:10pm and it starts raining/snowing (as the forecast predicted it)

Going down to Tignes Les Boisses. On the way nice picnic tables with both view on Tignes le lac/val claret and Chevril lake.could be good if weather was clear .

Meet 2 guys from French army doing some recon for upcoming september training with some troops (videotaped interviewing them)

Arrived Tignes les Boisses 2:15pm 1830m. Almost stopped raining

Tried to look in the Via alpina roadbooks (very useful by the way) and IGN maps for possible spot for the night in the next 10-15km ahead…after few calls…nothing

Chenal gite is closed. Monal not opened yet and not really willing to host only 1PAX…don’t want to camp in a remote area tonight with possible rain for a few extra 10-15km.

Stopping in warm place Youth Hostel Tignes les boisses 21euros with breakfast

Walking time : 4h15
Resting time : 3h10
Distance covered : 17,8km
Altitude : 1801m
Date : thursday 27th june 2013

The host at the Tignes Youth Hostel is really nice. While i have been told on the phone earlier that i needed to wait 5pm to get in and that there was no laundry machine available.

Went in the Youth Hostel to see if anyone was around. The door was opened… At least a warm place to wait 5pm…

A mobile phone number with a note telling to call if not there.

Called at 3pm and within the next 10minutes the guy was here. Very nice and also let me used the youth hostel washing machine i just been told earlier on the phone (by someone else) that was not available….

According to weather more day of bad weather and it should come back nice & sunny for whole next week


From Refuge de la Leisse panoramic view last night

On the way to Col de la Leisse


Tignes Grande Motte glacier summer ski area


Col de la Leisse area


Going down to Tignes Val Claret


Tignes le lac 2100m


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