Day 15 : Modane – Refuge de la Valette 25th June 2013

Modane : if there was a contest of the ugliest town in the Alps. Modane could be in the top 10…. 🙂

Woke up 6am.Leaving 7:15am

Via alpina follows GR5E in the vallee Haute maurienne to Termignon la Vanoise.
Leaving Via Alpina to follow GR5 which enters parc national de la Vanoise.

From Modane : 3 main possibilites to go up the parc national de la Vanoise

GR55 by Col de Chaviere
GR5 variante by refuge de l’orgere/Col du barbier
GR5E by Termignon la Vanoise (via alpina way)

Choosed to go for GR5 Col du Barbier…Going almost straight up on a wide path in the woods.

Refuge de l’orgere 9am 1881m

Refuge keeper told me the refuge de L’ arpont is closed for maintenance and no camping is allowed in the Vanoise national park.

Choose to go and follow GR55. The refuge keeper told me that one man left this morning to go for Col de Chaviere on GR55.

2100m on the way up to Col de Chaviere meet Bouquetins group. 20m away only.awesome.

10:10am 2400m. Going almost flat now.The warm sun starts clearing remaining fog/clouds. Beautiful view

Catch up with one man putting on in his guetres

“Hi Are you the guy who left refuge de l’orgere to pass Col de Chaviere?”

Paul 49years old from Vercors area : ” yes that’s right”

“ok cool let’s do it dude”

11:30am reached Col de Chaviere 2796m with Paul 49 years old mountain expert.

12:30am reached refuge peclet-poslet 2405m going down in the soft snow

Had some lunch Omelette + french fries + beer 17euros

From the refuge Peclet-Polset it goes down on a wide path..very easy and amazing panorama.

Really great, green,water stream,marmottes playing,snow caped peaks, etc… In the Vanoise national park

Cold wind but sunshine is back

Arrived low point Les Prioux 3:50pm 1666m

Going up to Refuge de la valette

Arrived Refuge de la valette 2541m at 6pm

Saw another Bouquetin on the way up at about 2200m

2 others hikers already in (they passed by Col d’Aussois another possibility from Modane)

Sylvie the refuge de la valette keeper has been doing this for 29years. Made a long video inside of her at work…

Now waiting for a group of 34 to come in to serve dinner. (Got my own food so no need to wait for me)

On the drink menu there is water (Evian 1.5L). I asked Sylvie

“Do you really sale water here ?”

Sylvie ” Only to people who got diaherra”

Started laughing loud

I said ” Shit i turned off the camera this would have been great taken on video”

The kids from the group of 34 teenagers arrives slowly. The last one got in exhausted past 9pm.

13.7euros for the bunk bed tonight.

Great day in the Vanoise national park really awesome view when going down from Col de Chaviere


Leaving Modane


Coolest house in Modane


Bouquetins only 20m cool


Near Col de Chaviere



Paul going down to refuge Peclet Polset


Peclet Polset refuge chicks




Going down to Les Prioux/Pralognan la Vanoise






Refuge de la Valette 2590m

Walking time : 8h
Resting time : 2h50
Distance covered : 28,6km
Altitude : 2590m

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