Day 14 : Col des Thures – Modane 24th June 2013

Leaving Hautes Alpes region to enter Savoie now in Modane.

Haute Maurienne vallee

Windy during the night.woke up 5:30am.All packed and ready to go 5:50am.Outside temperature 0C 🙂

Col des Thures 2200m 6:20am

Going down in the woods to Les granges de la vallee etroite 1771m 7am

Leaving les granges de la vallee etroite by a forestry road that goes up smoothly.

Weather is cloudy…

Start to go up steeply when i see a guy behind me with mountain bike.
He is coming too!!!going up carrying the bike!!!

Reached a plateau.lots of freezing wind to walk against.

Can t believe it, the guy with the bike is still coming.he has no gloves and wearing cycling short…

When i got to a water stream to cross. Waited for him to videotape him.

Cedric 36 is also going for Col de la vallee etroite. It starts snowing now.

He does not go faster with the bike going up.

Videotaped a lot of him on the bike crossing neves and cycling to Col de la vallee etroite…awesome

We reached le col de la vallee etroite 2456m around 9:30am going down together. He told me he just came back (ended in september 2012)

From a cycling and hiking adventure in the ANDES

Ushuaia – Bogota cycling and hiking peaks during 1 year. Meet him and his mountain bike in the ascent to Col de la vallee etroite. So amazing to meet him there today.

Cedric is from Lanslebourg in the Alps, Vanoise national park

9:50am 2200m going down heavy snow

Going down in heavy fog now.path is wide and easy to follow.

Below 1800m catched up rain while going down in forest. Find a cave (old mining cave not prehistoric one) to stop and warms up with a cup of coffee. 10:50am and Modane is only 8km away going down

Reached Oratoire des Herbiers 1663m 11:30am

Great hand carved wood statue here

Foggy still but rain stopped

Val frejus ski resort 12:00am 1555m. Nothing opened, everything is closed off season.

12:20am Notre Dame du Charmaix.Unsual place.

1:30pm Modane Ville

2:30pm got at camping place to get a bed at refuge de la sapiniere (very basic but warm 18,22euros : expensive because no water in the shack and no toilet paper in the toilet.what is wrong with French camping site not providing toilet paper?)

Could walk more 2hours to reach La Norma but feeling tired.Need some rest after yet another epic day on the via alpina.

Distance covered : 28,2km
Walking time : 6h30
Resting time : 2h10
Altitude : 1049m

Weather getting better now. Still very windy but sunshine is back


Col des Thures early morning


Lake near Col des Thures


Les granges de la vallee etroite




Cedric on his way to Col de la vallée étroite with the mountain bike



Near Col de la vallée étroite


Cedric in the narrow valley (which the Col de la vallée étroite got its name)


Coffee break in the mining cave


Notre dame du Charmaix


Modane church


House for the night at camping place Modane : refuge de la sapinière


Monaco 250km – Trieste 800km

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