Day 13 : Briancon – Col des Thures 23rd June 2013

Leaving Briancon nearby the Champ de Mars parking lot. Going up chemin des salettes on GR5C in laces through woods. Bright and sunny day starting.

Reached Croix de Toulouse 8:35am 1973m.
Old military house can be used as an emergency shelter (no window/door).good panorama from there.

Leaving GR5C who goes up on a ridge called Serre des aigles/signal de st chaffrey.

Did not get enough information yesterday about condition up there.

Following alternative path to catch up GR5C later to reach Col de Granon as told by le petit phoque gite owner…

After meeting and talking to a guy cutting wood.he told me that yesterday mountain guides went counting Chamois and it was safe to go by the ridge on the GR5C so i backed up and starting walking backwards to Croix de Toulouse to follow GR5C.

Thanks to this friendly local for the upcoming views.

Came back Croix de Toulouse 9:30am and started going up on GR5C for that ridge (signal de st chaffrey)

10:10am reached another old barracks at 2274m.nice panorama on both vallee

Serre des aigles/Signal de st chaffrey have an awesome 360 panoramic view. No more snow up here.
At 12:00am reached high point of 2629m then wll carry on Crete du grand Meyret to reach croix de la cime and then get down to col de Barteaux 1pm 2380m and nearby Col de Granon.

2413m 1:30pm at road Col du Granon

2:15pm 2433m  Porte de Cristol

Going down.little bit of snow only.Follow water stream smoothly down. Then it leaves the water stream to go up little bit on the right. Then down steeply in the stones to Nevache 1616m. Got there 4:20pm

It leaves Nevache by the road going up gently on the left. Catched up with Via Alpina, still on GR5

Col des Thures marked 2h.refuge vallee etroite marked 3h.

Enter foret domaniale de la claree 4:50pm.
There should be a hut/shelter on the way…

Let’s check it out…going up in the forest now.

5pm got to Chalet Forestier des combes 1750m.Locked it is too close from Nevache. Tables, fire place could make it a good campground for the night but there is one more opportunity not far up before Col des Thures. Want to check it and see if i am lucky today 🙂

Get to Cabane Pastorale des Thures at 6:10pm. It is double locked and there is a sign on the door saying “private”.

Could reach the Vallee etroite refuges is less than 4km but i want to save 40euros (probably the cost for halfboard)

The Col des Thures is less than 2km from here.

Sleeping in the tent will end up yet another fantastic day on the Via Alpina even if the part i liked most was off the via alpina (on GR5C between Briancon and Nevache)

Distance covered : 33,6km
Walking time : 8h30
Resting time : 2h30
Altitude : 2118m

At 7:30pm when the sun went down already. It started to be freezing cold outside. Pitched the tent against the locked shelter wall to avoid that freezing wind. Went in to warm up. It is just below 10C now. Will be fine for the night. The red wine carried all day will warm me up 🙂








Lac de Cristol




Going down to Nevache


House in Nevache

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