Day 10 : Ceillac – Mont Dauphin 20th June 2013

Stayed at the gite “Les Baladins” last night. 17,5euros for a clean dorm bed, kitchen, wifi and nice outdoor…surely great dinner is served there too (did not try)

Ceillac is a very nice Queyras style village. Little bit touristy (lots of shops for such a small place…)

Last night in the dorm, shared the room with a 71 years old man hiking GR5 southbound.

I asked him : “What is your secret to stay so fit sir ?”

He said : ” I am walking 20-30km everyday on flat ground. I live in Toulouse. I am on my way to finish my 5th GR20 and i think it is the last one”

GR20 is in Corsica …and he was doing GR5 before and he was going to go Col de Girardin (loaded with snow still on the final approach) and with bad weather condition.

Did not have time to talk more to him. He went to bed around 8:30pm

When i woke up 5:50am this morning. He was already gone…without a noise. Going for Col de Girardin with the snow and uncertain weather condition….What a brave man he is !

Little bit of showers, wind and sun came in different orders today. Must have been very hard and cold today at Col de Girardin…

The Via Alpina separates from GR5 shortly after Ceillac. Started walking at about 7:15am

It goes through laces in woods to Col de Bramousse first 2251m. Reached there at 8:30am.

Descent to Les Bramousses in the woods. Get nice photo opportunities of Queyras style house/farm.

Reached the road at 1200m to start a steep way up following rad laces then very steep laces in the woods.

The climb up to reach Refuge de Furfande is quite intense and steep (i like it)

Reached Refuge de Furfande 2299m at 12:15am.

Laure the owner, little bit rough woman but she gave me information about what way i could take in the next couple of days.

Her employee Rosa from Italia is way more talkative and easy going. They make a good team i think : like sweet and sour 🙂

Ate the Omelette du randonneur 9euros + 2euros for 1/4 red wine

Left refuge de Furfande around 1:30pm.

On the way very scenic/photographic Granges de Furfande

And on the way to Col Garniet spot a group of 15-20 Mouflons/Muflones (don t know english word for this animal)

Videotaped them..just great…

Reached Col Garnier 2279m at 2:20pm

The via alpina follows GR541 now and it goes down in woods steeply in the direction if Mont Dauphin.

Nice view of the Gorges du Guil. Also called Gorges du Queyras.
Here 3 rivers joins : Guil, Chagne and Durance

Mont Dauphin is a Fort build by Vauban..quite interesting

Staying at gite le glacier bleu. Olivier & Laure are just very nice and helped me out with some grocery because there is nothing here…

Great value for money. 16,5euros for a private room with shower

Arrive Glacier bleu gite at 6:10pm.
Quite a long day today

Walking time : 8h30
Resting time : 2h25
Distance covered : 36.9km
Altitude : 1076m


Arriving to Ceillac Queyras regional park



Old style house in Ceillac



Washing machine : mountain style


Church/Chapel in Ceillac


Col des Bramousses





Camino de santiago meets via alpina and GR58





Granges de Furfande




Col Garnier just ahead


View from Col Granier


On the way down to Mont Dauphin


Mont Dauphin


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