Day 9 : Colle Del Maurin – Ceillac 19th June 2013

Need to finish yesterday Day 8 because the afternoon after lunch break in Italy at Campo Base Chiappera was quite amazing…

Started hiking happy and full from the delicious food served at Campo Base.

Leaving at about 2:45pm sunny at the beginning then little showers and cloudy weather came. Temperature dropped quickly.

Reached Colle del Maurin/Col de Mary 2641m at 5:20pm

Little bit of snow but easy access.
From there the Via Alpina is going down to Maljasset. I checked the IGN map and wanted to checked out the bivouac Marinet near Marinet lakes. I went up a little more to reach Col de Marinet 2784m. Only snow from Colle del Maurin

Reached Col de Marinet at 6:10pm

Really great view from there. Wished again i had a snowboard with me because the way down to Marinet lakes was just nice and smooth. Not too steep.just perfect to ride it

I enjoyed going down in the snow quite quickly and smoothly.

Reached the bivouac Marinet shelter around 7pm…1m depth of snow is surronding the stone made shelter…inside there is ice and snow…the night is going to be rough but i had a great day and it is just fantastic here at 2527m.

At about 8:30pm temperature inside the shelter was already below 10C

Distance walked day 8 : 27.2km
Walking time : 7h50
Resting time : 3h40


Col de Mary/Colle del Maurin just ahead in front


Colle del Maurin


View from col de mary/colle del maurin


View from col de Marinet (off the via alpina)


Going down towards bivouac Marinet



Bivouac Marinet/shelter


Dumpster/garbages near Bivouac Marinet…some people don’t like the mountain unfortunately (First time i see this in France)


That’s it for day 8…another great day on the via alpina

Day 9 : Bivouac Marinet – Ceillac

The night in the shelter was rough but it was great. At 6am temperature is about 5C inside the hut.

Little bit cloudy but fine weather.

Going down to Maljasset

2 streams of water to cross on the way down. Meet 2 FR girls going up to Colle Del Maurin/Col de Mary

Arrive Maljasset 8:30am. It’s warm now here. Shortly after starting to go up for col de Girardin. Saw a deer less than 100m ahead (videotaped it)

The way up from Maljasset is very steep until it connects with GR5.

Windy on the way up. Final approach to col de Girardin very steep to avoid remaining snow.

Getting cold and windy at col de Girardin 2674m at 10:30am

Going down quickly in the snow..nice and soft.

Chapelle St Anne and first lake 2415m at 11:10am

Meet Marceau first guy i bumped into going southbound GR5 from Leman lake. He had snow shoes and made few detour in upcoming (for me) Beaufortain area due to heavy snow on flat ground.

Going down steeply from second lake Miroir to reach Melezet at 1pm 1745m

Having lunch great restaurant La Cascade. They are serving local food japanese style (many small portion but many different one)

16euros with a great view on very long cascade just in front of the terrace.

Here very near to Ceillac. Ski resort…seems to have entered Queyras now

It is only 3pm but i am going to take it easy and stays Ceillac which should be 30mins away.

Need to study the route to go to Briancon by GR5. Via Alpina is going to Guillestre, Vallouise and Monetier les bains.Went there last year and want to checked out unwalked areas/town/village

The upcoming route will be clear of major difficulties/passes and it should be easy for the next few days so will probably take it easy, enjoy and prepare the upcoming…


On the way down from Bivouac Martinet to catch up via alpina




Maljasset church



View on Maljasset on the way to Col de Girardin


Col de Girardin


View from col de Girardin


Lake Ste Anne





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