Day 5 : Roure – Roya 15th June 2013

Woke up early today 5:30am.

Start walking 7:30am (live blogging takes time 🙂 )

Going up smoothly in the trees and alpage plateau and reach refuge du longon 1846m at 10:00am

Nice and sunny this morning..really feel like being in the Alps now

Manu the refuge keeper get me a plate of local food  and while eating quietly outside, 2 chamois just passed by 100m away running for their life.

The old patou dog just woke up and started chasing them (videotaped it)

“the wolf must have them moved like this” said Manu the refuge keeper.

That was just awesome. Left the refuge de longon around 10:30am knowing that i might have to turn back due to heavy snow still ahead. Had a backup plan and enough time to check it out and decide or not to go through…

The alpage there is just great, reaching les portes de longon at around 11am.
Beautiful there.slightly going down and meet a girl observing Gyapete barbu bird.

This place in the Mercantour national park is where they try to re-introduce this bird species.

At about 1600-1700m near hameau de Vignols it goes up to reach col des moulines. On the way up need to cross a first stream if fresh water.

Reached col des moulines 12:15am.
First Neve around 1:30pm on the way to col de crousette (not as much as expected)

Snow was soft on top and hard underneath. Progression was good as the temperature dropped and getting cloudy. Prayed the lord for no rain 🙂

Reached top at 2pm.Windy there but ok.

Col de Crousette is a little down from the highest point.

Long exposed neve (about 300m) to cross to reach col de crousette there 2:25pm

Huge amount of snow as expected but great and fast going down because not so steep. Snow is hard only 10cm goes in. (wished i had a snowboard with me…)

Total snow depth about 50cm still.

Took me about an hour to go down and leave the last remaining snow. Needed to cross another water stream (quite deep about 50cm)

Spot few marmottes on the way down.

Really nice going down with all the surrounding view of water coming down from different place of the mountain.

Arrive hameau de Roya 1500m at 5:45pm.

Gite Vieille Ecole is full.It is saturday and a group of 20 will celebrate a birthday there.

Will have dinner and shower at the gite vieille ecole (15euros) and will camp and sleep in the tent for the night.

Great day today. Alpine action really kicked off today. Great scenaries. Spot wildlife. Cross a few water streams. Great day on the Via Alpina

Walking time : 7h40
Resting time : 3h
Distance walked : 30,6km (the day was so great and challenging that it felt shorter)

Best day so far on the Via Alpina


Vallee de la Tinee view from Roure early morning


On the way up to refuge de longon



Food at refuge de longon


Plateau longon








Have too many pictures and videos footage too…really no time to comment all now..

NB : on this day backup/alternative route that can be used.

From Roure GR652
From Col des moulines going to Valberg then to Roya (avoiding col de crousette)


Sleepy Patou dog but will wake up soon when the Chamois will pass by





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