Day 2 : Sospel – Bollene-Vesubie 12th June 2013

Woke up at 5:30am because my foot and the bottom of the sleeping bag got wet for unknown reason.

Started walking around 7:20am.Bumped into Swiss hiker waiting for the shops to open for breakfast doing a few days tour in the Mercantour area.

Left Sospel following GR52 on the Via Alpina blue itinerary now. Going up and reached Baisse de Figueras 8:20am. Hot and sunny day already. Heavy sweating and happy to get the trees shades.

Enters Parc National Mercantour around 9:00am. Nice view from there.
Reached Baisse de la Liniere 1346m at 10:15am.

First encounters of Via Alpina small markers.

The GR52 carries on up hill. I guess it might be possible to go that way. The Via Alpina is going down to Moulinet following yellow and green markers.

There is a camping ground near san sebastian chapel before arriving to Moulinet 690m

Got into Moulinet village 11:30am.Went to stamp my carte du passeur de col at the town hall and been told it has been snowing at 2000m in the area last sunday.

Got also a lunch booked at nearby Bar le trou du renard. Lunch is served at 12:30am

This bar is owned by JO 66years old brave lady. Working on her own and very talkative. She got help only during summer time season.
She serves home made and fresh dishes using that day strawberries grown locally…

Started hiking again all full and happy around 1:45pm.
Going up in the woods again towards Col de Turini.Nice and cool weather in the trees shades.

Got at Baisse de Patronel 1608m around 4:10pm.

Reached Col de Turini at 5pm. From there it can carry on up hill to Cime de la Calmette. Probably nice view there. Did not go but should have.

It goes down through ski slopes to the small ski resort with hotels and restaurant of Col de Turini.

The trail then goes down west on a forestry road, smoothly first then more steeply in the forest.

After checking the maps to look for potential camping space. I noticed a forestry shack on the map (off the Via Alpina) but near Bollene-Vesubie (3-4km)

It might be open ?…let’s check it out and make it the free roof place to crash for the night.

Got there at 7:30pm and YES it is open. Youuuuhou…got a house for the night to end up yet another beautiful day. Lots of forest and pine trees here in the Vallee de la Vesubie.

Walking time : 8h10
Resting time today : 4h05

Distance covered : 33,7km
Dev + : +2681m (i think the device is wrong with the cumulated denivelation)




Meet Jo 66, Moulinet Le Trou du renard



On the way to Col de Turini


Open Shelter/hut near Bollène Vésubie (off the via alpina but marked on IGN maps)


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