Day 1 : Monaco – Sospel 11th June 2013

Landed in Nice monday afternoon. Too lazy to start walking that same day after taking a swim in the med.

The sea is warm here. Nice and sunny weather today. Lots of tourists. Meet a couple from Romania on the beach.

Started walking tuesday. Slept in NICE at the youth hostel. Took 8:10am train and got off 8:29am in MONACO.

Asked few locals for Jardin Exotique directions. People are nice,kind and relaxed in Monaco 🙂

Took a few pictures and elevators to reach the “Jardin Exotique”.Signed the Via Alpina guestbook there and got in for free (thanks to the kind staff)

Le Jardin Exotique really worth a visit. Beautiful cactus everywhere.

Left there at 9:45am.going up steep to La Turbie. There are 2ways to go up there.Following the GR or taking the old roman way.Took the roman way which is i guess slightly shorter.

Reached the cute village of La Turbie around 10:30am.Left around 11am after checking out the “August Trophy”

Carried on. Good view on La Turbie and Monaco before Col de Guerre (can be used as a campground).

Arrived in beautiful village Peillon shortly after lunch break. Following PR yellow markers in woods to Peille. Another very nice village. Arrived there around 3pm.

Went up and down to reach roman bridge at Pas d’Ongrand and start hiking up steeply to Col du Farguet. Got there at 6pm. 1083m highest point of the day. 1058m on GPS device…

First vision of the snow caped mountains ahead.

Spot a wild boar going down the woods to reach SOSPEL around 8:15pm.

Crashed in the sanitary block for the night (water,electricity and roof no need to pitch the tent) @ Sospel camping municipal (closed but possible to stay for free).

Another good camping spot before coming down to Sospel @ Baisse du Pape

Great day.really nice going up and down in that area.loved it. Good first day.

Distance covered : 31km
7h50 of walking time
2h40 resting time

+2440m dev on my GPS device 🙂

Should reach Col de Turini today

Ps : read not good feedback about Gite Mercantour in Sospel on the Via Alpina webite (probably new owner now). I talked to the owner on the phone and she was very nice and kind,willing to help me. Turned down her B&B offer @ 35euros


Peille village






View on Monaco and La Turbie

2 thoughts on “Day 1 : Monaco – Sospel 11th June 2013

  1. guy miralles

    The start of a long trip. I will read your day to day book as I have in my mind to do the read path in the same direction (from Monaco to Slovenia). Enjoy your trip! Take care yourself. Guy


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